Henri Berestycki

Professor at EHESS, Paris
Dean of Research, PSL Research University, Paris
Berestycki's research interests include equation theory and the mathematical models of the financial markets; mathematical models in biology and in ecology; phenomena of invasion and dynamics of population growth; and modelling in social sciences. 

Oliver Bühler

Professor of Mathematics and Atmosphere Ocean Science
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
Bühler's research field is theoretical fluid dynamics and especially the application of asymptotic methods to atmosphere and ocean fluid dynamics.. 


Tao Huang

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, NYU Shanghai

Huang’s research interests are Partial Differential Equations and Fluid Mechanics.


Dmitry Ioffe

Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion, Haifa

Ioffe’s research interests are Stochastic geometry of classical and quantum models of statistical mechanics; Phase transitions, phase segregation, interacting particle systems, metastability; Percolation, polymers and random walks in a random environment.

Jianping Jiang

Global Postdoctoral Fellow, NYU Shanghai

Jiang’s research interests are probability theory and statistical physics.

Daniel Kious

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, NYU Shanghai

Kious’s research interests are Random Walks in Random Environment, self-interacting random walks and Processes with Reinforcement.

Fanghua Lin

Silver Professor of Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
Affiliated Professor of Mathematics, NYU Shanghai

Lin's research interests include classical and applied analysis, partial differential equations, geometric measure theory, and calculus of variations.

Yuning Liu

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, NYU Shanghai

Liu’s research interests are mathematics of fluid mechanics and control theory.

David McLaughlin

Silver Professor of Mathematics and Neural Science, NYU
Chief Science Mentor, NYU Shanghai

McLaughlin works in theoretical visual neural science, with emphasis upon modeling of the primary visual cortex. The work requires methods from four aspects of modern applied mathematics (mathematical modeling, computational science, formal asymptotics, and mathematical analysis), together with direct use of experimental data and design.

Laurent Mertz

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, NYU Shanghai
Assistant Professor, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice

Professor Mertz’s research interests are applied stochastic analysis, random mechanics, reflected diffusions and nonlocal elliptic operators.  His work has appeared in SIAM mathematical analysis, SIAM numerical analysis, asymptotic analysis, probabilistic engineering mechanics, IMA journal of applied mathematics, applied mathematics research express,  comptes rendus mathematique and ESAIM: proceedings and Surveys.

Raoul Normand

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, NYU Shanghai

Normand’s research interests are coagulation processes, particle systems, and random matrices.

Guido De Philippis

Associate Professor in Mathematical Analysis, SISSA

Philippis' research interests are Partial differential equations of elliptic types, Geometric measure theory and its applications, Calculus of variations, and Minimal surfaces.

Tristan Rivière

Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Forschungsinstitut fur Mathematik, ETH Zurich

Rivière's research interestes are analysis of Partial Differential Equations - PDE - arising in physics and geometry, calculus of variations, geometric analysis, application of geometric measure theory to PDE, the geometry of structures of singularities, shock and defects for weak solutions to elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic PDE’s

Vladas Sidoravicius

Professor of Mathematics at NYU and NYU Shanghai

Sidoravicius' research interests are Probability Theory, Ergodic Theory and Statistical Physics

Pierre Tarrès

Visiting Professor of Mathematics, NYU Shanghai
Senior Scientist, Université Paris IX

Tarrès’ research interests are self-interacting random processes, particularly reinforced random walks, and their relationship with stochastic algorithms and learning processes in game theory.

Yoshihiro Tonegawa

Professor, Department of Mathematics, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tonegawa's research interests are partial differential equations of elliptic and parabolic types, Geometric measure theory and its applications, Calculus of variations, Minimal surface and mean curvature flow

Xiao-Ping Wang

Chair Professor of Mathematics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Prof. Wang’s current research interests are: Modeling and Simulations of Interface Problem and Multi-phase Flow;  Numerical Methods for Micromagnetics Simulations.

Jun Zhang

Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Co-Director, Applied Math Laboratory
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU

Professor of Physics and Mathematics, NYU Shanghai

Professor Zhang’s research interests include the physics of fluids, which covers biomechanics and bio-locomotion (organisms swimming, walking and flying), geophysical fluids (thermal convection, continental dynamics), solid-on-solid friction, and self-organized phenomena at different scales.


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